Breakfast Is Back

Published: May 24, 2022

Consumers are coming back to their favorite comforting breakfast options and looking to create new routines that will make the most of their day. As breakfast business begins to rebound, it’s more important than ever to stand out and build on that momentum in ways that will excite and delight both old and new breakfast customers.

  • 39% of customers are reverting to pre-COVID-19 norms. ¹

  • 32% of foodservice occasions are in the morning and skew towards exploration and experimentation. ²

  • Morning meal traffic is only down -5% vs. 2 years ago and is now up +9% vs. 1 year ago outpacing lunch and dinner in commercial foodservice. ³

  • Customer preferences have shifted. Customers are looking at breakfast as a moment to savor and connect, with redefined convenience. ⁴

  • 48% of morning meal traffic is carry out. ⁵

Make breakfast better than ever.

We’re happy to provide you and your customers with a product portfolio from trusted brands as well as the experience and insights that will help you forge new and strengthen old consumer connections. Whether it’s an exciting, premium breakfast sandwich or a familiar favorite, we have a solution to help you build a better breakfast menu.

  • Breakfast sandwiches within commercial foodservice have grown 8% vs. 1 year ago. ⁵

  • Breakfast sandwich premiumization can help drive a higher check size for the morning meal occasion. Commercial foodservice menus with breakfast sandwiches have a 13% higher average check vs. 2 years ago. ⁵

  • Breakfast sandwiches are ranked #2 with consumers (47%) as preferred breakfast dishes. ⁶

  • Jimmy Dean® brand has 94% brand awareness. ⁷

  • 76% of patrons associate Wright® brand bacon with consistently high quality. ⁸

Take back breakfast.

Explore some of our featured breakfast SKUs:

  1. Bacon

  2. Sausage

  3. Poultry

  4. Portable Breakfast

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