Published: June 17, 2021

5 ways to build your business using Real Rewards Cafe® Loyalty Program

Keeping a watchful eye on everything that can affect your profit margins is critical to running a successful foodservice operation. And the challenges of the pandemic have only heightened the need to “run lean.”

The good news is, there are savvy ways to enhance the value and service you provide without having to blow through your budget. Taking advantage of the benefits available through the Real Rewards Cafe® loyalty program is a great example.

What is Real Rewards Cafe®?

Real Rewards Cafe® is a loyalty program that awards points for your purchases of qualifying products from participating foodservice manufacturers. These points can then be redeemed for kitchen equipment, electronics, office supplies, educational opportunities and other items that can enhance business (like new utility carts that upgrade a lodging operator’s room service capabilities, for example). Even personal items can be chosen if you prefer.

Here’s the best part: since it’s 100% FREE to join the Real Rewards Cafe® loyalty program—and you’re already purchasing products for your operation anyway—you have absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to gain by taking advantage of the program. Click here to learn more and enroll today.

Here are 5 effective ways to build your business with Real Rewards Cafe® Loyalty Program:

1. Engage employees with incentives

Boosting employee morale through gift giving can lead to higher productivity, better service and ultimately happier patrons. There are many premiums available through the Real Rewards Cafe® program, and one of them is sure to fit the bill.

You could even take the employee-incentivization strategy a step further by creating a friendly competition for your staff (i.e. a dessert-sales contest) and rewarding the server who sells the most. It’s the classic “carrot” method of motivation, and it could have a significant positive impact on your bottom line.

2. Enhance your digital technology

Featuring appetizing photos of your menu items and advertising your pricing deals can help drive sales at the point of purchase. To help get the word out, you might choose TVs and other digital signage options from the Real Rewards Cafe® program.

Upgrading with new digital technology could help on the back end of your operation as well. For instance, a new iPad could be used for digital ordering and/or integration with vendors.

Upgrading with new digital technology could help on the back end of your operation as well. For instance, a new iPad could be used for digital ordering and/or integration with vendors.

3. Start new areas of business

It has been nothing short of inspirational to see all of the ways foodservice operators have adapted to a post-COVID-19 reality. If you’ve been wanting to make some additional enhancements or updates, but are concerned about the cost, the Real Rewards Cafe® loyalty program can provide relief here, too.

4. Purchase training for your staff

The importance of safe food handling is greater today than ever. And as best practices continue to evolve, it can be hard to keep your staff up to date on the latest procedures.

No worries. Real Rewards Cafe® program points can also be used to purchase the National Restaurant Association (NRA) ServSafe® food safety training. The topics include:

·       NRA ServSafe all-in-one alcohol training

·       NRA ServSafe complete food safety manager training

You could even use your points to register some of your staff to attend a tradeshow for additional training opportunities.

Bottom line? When patrons see safe operating procedures in place within your establishment, it gives them confidence to return. And that’s the ultimate reward for you.

5. Improve your operating equipment

Updating your operating equipment can help you run more efficiently and lessen the workload for your staff. And it doesn’t have to be limited to the kitchen. For example, a lodging operator could choose a cooler for their lobby micro market to boost grab-n-go sales—with no added labor required.

Start earning rewards today

There are as many compelling reasons to register for Real Rewards Cafe® loyalty program as there are items from which to choose. To learn more about the program and get enrolled, click here.