Loaded Steak & Egg Poutine Burrito

“Wake me up before you go-go!” A hearty steak and egg burrito meets our friend from the North: Poutine! Loaded with Original Philly® Authentic Beef Flat Steak, eggs, peppers, onions, French fries, crispy bacon pieces, cheese curds and a red eye gravy.



½ tablespoonButter, salted
2 eachEggs, large, scrambled
1 tablespoonOlive oil
2 oz.Red Pepper slices
2 oz.Yellow Onion slices
1 tablespoonOlive oil
3 oz.Original Philly® Authentic Beef Flat Steak
8 oz.French fries
4 ozRed eye gravy (sauce mix from Julia’s Pantry) 
2 ozCheese curds, fresh
2 tablespoonsJimmy Dean® Fully Cooked Hardwood Smoked 3/8" Bacon Pieces
1 eachMexican Original® 12" White Pressed Flour Tortilla Wrap

1. Make the red eye gravy according to the manufacturer’s directions. Hold warm and covered.
2. Cook the French fries. Season with salt and hold hot.
3. Reheat the bacon pieces according to the manufacturer’s instructions and hold warm
4. Sauté the peppers and onions in a pan with olive oil until tender.

    a. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.
5. Cook the Philly steak.
  a. Add olive oil to a hot sauté pan and cook steak slices until brown on one side, about 1 minute.
  b. Flip onto other side. Begin separating beef slices (do not over chop) and thoroughly cook to a minimum temperature of 165˚F and all pink color is gone.
  c. Mix in the sautéed peppers and onions.
6. Cook the scrambled eggs.
7. Warm up the tortilla in a steamer.
8. Assemble the burrito.
  a. Warm tortilla, steak with pepper and onion mixture, scrambled eggs, French fries, cheese curds, crispy bacon pieces, red eye gravy.
  b. Roll tight and wrap in foil.

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