Sliced Beef Street Tacos

Tender sliced beef, topped with a spicy coleslaw and finished with a roasted jalapeno-cucumber-ranch sauce, served is soft corn flour tortillas.



25 oz.AdvancePierre™ Sliced Beef, #10000097870  
30 tortillasMexican Original® 4” Corn Flour Tortillas, #10157970621
1 cupCarrots, matchstick
2 cupsGreen Napa Cabbage, shredded
2 cupsPurple Cabbage, shredded
½ cupJalapenos, roasted and diced
1 ½ cupsRanch, low fat
¼ cupCucumber, peeled & diced


  1. Slack out sliced beef in refrigerator until thawed
  2. Thaw and hold tortillas covered in a hot box at 145°F until soft and pliable
  3. Cut off stem from jalapenos, cut in half and de-seed, then place on parchment lined sheep pan and spray lightly with cooking spray.  Roast at 400°F for 18-20 min.
  4. When jalapenos are done roasting, set aside to cool, then dice (hold under refrigeration until ready to use)
  5. In a mixing bowl, toss Carrots, Cabbage and ¼ cup diced jalapenos with ¼ cup ranch.  Store Coleslaw under refrigeration until ready to build tacos.
  6. Remove thawed sliced beef from pouch and arrange in a single layer in a 2-inch hotel pan. Break up any large pieces and cover with foil. Cook at 350°F for 20-22 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 145°F and drain off excess fat after cooking.
  7. Puree ¼ cup diced roasted jalapenos, ¼ cup cucumbers and 1 ¼ cup ranch in a food processor and puree.  Set jalapeno-cucumber-ranch sauce under refrigeration until ready to serve


To Build Tacos:

  1. Set 3 taco shells up in your serving dish and use a heaping 2 oz. spoodle to divide sliced beef evenly between the taco shells
  2. Using a #8 scoop (1/2 cup), evenly divide coleslaw between the taco shells
  3. With a 1 oz. ladle, divide the jalapeno-cucumber-ranch sauce over the top of all 3 tacos and serve


Chef’s Note: To lower the sodium, consider using a low sodium ranch


K-12 Schools