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We took what we knew and grew it!

As experts in protein, Tyson Foodservice doesn’t cut corners on quality. That’s why we took our time in perfecting plant-based proteins that deliver on taste and budget.

Our Signature Taste Has Gone Plant Based

The new Jimmy Dean® Plant Based Breakfast Sausage Patty delivers the taste your flexitarian customers are looking for and the quality you crave. Tap into plant-based trends, get relevant insights and see our special offer—then use this fully cooked protein alternative to add value to your existing menu.

Nuggets with Mustard

Winner, Winner,
Plant-Based Dinner

New Tyson® Plant Based Nuggets, Tenders and Filets can help you deliver on current customer demand with a premium fully-cooked, crispy, plant-based alternative in three different forms. They're a wonderful 1:1 swap for their traditional counterparts, offering an easy way to expand your menu with no muss or fuss.

Plant Based Products

Tyson® Plant Based Nuggets

Tyson® Plant Based Nuggets 

Tyson® Plant Based Tenders

Tyson® Plant Based Tenders

Tyson® Plant Based Filets

Tyson® Plant Based Filets

Plant-Based Popularity

Plant-based protein
has seen +732%
growth in menu penetration
over the past 4 years

Source: Datassential, MenuTrends, January 2023

85% of consumers
eat plant-based alternatives
more often

Source: Datassential, MenuTrends, January 2023

95% of operators
anticipating that their sales of plant-based options will increase or stay the same in the upcoming year

Source: Datassential, Plant-Based Keynote Sneak Peek, Dec 2022

Recipe Inspiration

Hot Honey & Waffle Sandwich with Plant Based Tenders

Southwest-Style Snack Wraps with Plant Based Tenders

Sweet & Sour Bowl with Plant Based Tenders

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