Our Brands

The Tyson® brand offers an extensive line of poultry products that fit the needs of any customer searching for the perfect balance of quality and price point. Since the 1940’s Tyson has focused on the poultry industry and leading with innovation, consistency, and trust.

From center-of-plate proteins to sandwich assembly, packaging and nationwide distribution, we deliver superior value to customers and quality food experiences for their patrons. Now as part of the Tyson Foods Family we’ll work together to raise the world’s expectations of what good food can do.

Hillshire Farm® has been providing quality meat products since its founding in 1934. Selections, such as Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage, slow-cooked Pot Roast or Black Oak Ham, take their place on operator menus as signature items every day because they are prepared with the kind of time, care, hand work or old fashioned methods that operators can’t afford to apply themselves.

The Kettle Collection® brand consists of Artisan-Inspired Cooking Sauces, Appetizer Dips, and Side Dishes with Cravable Consumer Appeal and Heat & Serve Convenience.

The taste of Wright Brand products has been pleasing customers for over 80 years. Roy Wright and Fay Eggleston founded the Vernon Meat Company in 1922. By the 1970s the company was focused solely on making bacon and ham. Wright® Brand offers rich, genuine flavor and consistent quality across a variety of pork products.

Since 1957, Ball Park® has been king of the frankfurter. Known for great taste and a loyal following, the Ball Park brand has expanded to include new items such as Angus Beef Franks and a full line of individually wrapped Lunch Sandwiches featuring our patented Butcher Wrap paper and big bold flavors.

In the 1930s, two Texans invented a revolutionary fun food. Their honey-batter-wrapped hot dog on a stick started getting smiles all over the state fair, and the State Fair® Corn Dog was born. Today, State Fair is the #1 brand of corn dogs, offering a full portfolio from the Original classic to whole grain options.

Jimmy Dean®, launched in 1969, is America’s #1 brand of breakfast sausage and sandwiches. Providing home-cooked flavor families love, Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage Links and Patties pack full flavor with premium ingredients that make any breakfast better. Our individually wrapped Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches provide a hearty breakfast for customers on the go.

The Chef Pierre® brand began 80 years ago with a father and his sons, a few great recipes and a notion to bake pies from scratch for restaurants. Today, Chef Pierre offers an unmatched pie selection and is recognized as the category leader with innovative new products such as Pre-Sliced Pies and Luxe Layers® Pies.

The Bistro Collection is baked in small batches with only specialty ingredients and decorated by hand prior to boxing, providing operators with the opportunity to provide gourmet, hand-crafted desserts that thoroughly wow guests from the first sight to the very last bite.

Sara Lee was 8 years old when her father, Charlie Lubin, a bakery entrepreneur, decided to name his new line of cheesecakes after her. In her words, her father told her the product “had to be perfect because he was naming it after me.” Today the Sara Lee® brand includes select bakery and meat products that deliver consistent quality and taste.

The BONICI® product portfolio offers an extensive line of Italian products that help commercial and non-commercial operators create an authentic Italian experience. In 1962 Larry Dosckocil owned a fledgling breakfast sausage company. But Larry had another passion -- softball, many of the people on his team worked in a pizzeria and worked with Larry to develop the first fully cooked toppings.  Many of the same plants that BONICI® products are produced in today have been in the pizza business since the 1960s when Larry started the business.

Mexican Original® products deliver authentic, fresh flavors of Mexican cuisine. Our line of products includes traditional favorites made with premium ingredients such as corn and flour tortillas, tortilla chips, tostadas, sopes and flatbreads.

It’s simple. We’ve made great pizzas and breads for years. We make them for ourselves. Our families. Our kiddos. But most importantly, we make them for you and yours. As Johnny Bosco always says, “All for one and Bosco’s for all.”