Loaded Steakhouse Fries

Loaded steakhouse fries with tender sirloin steak atop of crispy fried potatoes with oven roasted tomatoes and covered with a stout- cheddar queso.  Served with a side of serrano-lime guacamole

Loaded Steakhouse Fries

Loaded Steakhouse Fries


2-5 appetizers


6 oz.

French fried potatoes

6 oz.

Sliced steak, cooked and seasoned

2 oz.

Oven roasted tomatoes

1 oz.

Green Scallions

4 oz.

Cheddar queso sauce – prepared

As garnish

Serrano-lime Guacamole

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  1. On a large platter place down French fries and sliced steak and top with tomatoes, and pour cheddar queso on top

  2. Garnish plate with green scallions and serve with serrano-lime guacamole


CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES: Can be served with tater tots, tortilla strips, chips etc.