Jimmy Dean® Loaded Sausage Bites in a paper boat.

Throw Traditional Breakfast a Curveball

Offer your customers an easy way to bring their favorite Jimmy Dean® products for breakfast on the go. A good source of protein and full of the quality you can trust, Jimmy Dean® Loaded Sausage Bites are sure to become your customers’ favorite new go-to on-the-go snack throughout the day.




  • Jimmy Dean® branded

  • Multiple heating methods

  • Hot handheld format

  • Good protein offering


  • Appeal to more consumers with the Jimmy Dean® brand quality

  • Can be heated in microwaves, convection or conventional ovens for flexible handling options

  • Hot, ready-to-go presentation appeals to consumers looking for delicious, quick, no-hassle options

  • Allows you to provide a filling item in an exciting, easy-to-enjoy breakfast format



Jimmy Dean® brand is the breakfast leader in repeat buyers.1
95% of US adults snack daily, and 70% do so 2+ times per day
More than half (52%) of consumers are finding high-protein snacks appealing.3
Jimmy Dean® Loaded Sausage Bites table tent.

Merchandising Support

Now that you’ve seen everything Jimmy Dean®  Loaded Sausage Bites have to offer, it’s time to get your patrons excited about trying them! These point-of-sale merchandising tools will do just that--with options that can be customized with your own branding and messages.

Learn About the Options

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1 Nielsen Homescan, Total US, 52 weeks ending, 12/29/18, Total US-All Outlets

2 Mintel Snacking Motivations and Attitudes 2019

3 Restaurantbusinessonline.com, Aug. 2019