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52% Would Prefer Premium Toppings
Italian Sausage 2nd Largest Pizza Topping Sales
51% Would Prefer Natural Ingredients


•All natural* ingredients

•Premium topping

•Ideal size and texture

•Indulgent, on-trend flavors

•Fully cooked


•Appeals to patrons who want to feel good about the food choices they make

•Delivers on the quality and flavor attributes consumers care most about

•Looks and tastes house-made with variable piece sizes, browned edges, authentic flavor and superior texture with a crisp, dense bite

•Provides an ideal way to enhance existing recipes, explore authentic flavors and create new, indulgent dishes

•Eases prep, adds speed to service and reduces food safety concerns






*Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients | 1NPD Group Crest® YE Sept 2019 |2Consumer Preferences, Technomic, Inc. 2021