Deconstructed Pasta Steak Diane

Pan seared sliced steak with a brandy and cream infused mushroom gravy, caramelized onions atop a bed of fettuccini.



6 oz.Sliced steak seared/seasoned
4 oz.Prepared brandy cream sauce
2 oz.Sautéed sliced button mushrooms
1 oz.Julianne caramelized onions
6 oz.Cooked fettuccini pasta
1 oz.Flat leaf italian parsley
  1. In a hot sauté pan, combine sautéed sliced button mushrooms, caramelized onions, cooked pasta and brandy cream sauce. Toss until sauce/ingredients and pasta are fully coated.

  2. To serve, place sauced pasta and ingredients in serving bowl, top with seared sliced steak and garnish with flat leaf Italian parsley


CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES: This dish can be served in a smaller version as an appetizer or can be served atop any different starch.