Asian Style Burger

Juicy Flame Grilled Burger topped with a creamy cheese sauce and a teriyaki Asian-style slaw of cabbage, carrots, and tomatoes, all served on a whole grain bun.



10 burgers AdvancePierre™ Beef Burger, 2.0 oz. #1000069050 
10 buns WG Bun, sliced 
2 cups Carrot, shredded or matchstick 
2 cups Shredded cabbage 
1 cup Tomato, diced 
3 Tbsp. Low Sodium Teriyaki Glaze 
5 oz. White cheese sauce 
  1. In mixing bowl, combine Cabbage, Carrots and Diced Tomatoes with Teriyaki Glaze.  Hold Asian Slaw mix in refrigeration until ready to serve – will hold up to 3 days in refrigeration
  2. Place frozen burger patties on parchment lines sheet trey and bake at 350°F for 8-9 minutes – to internal temperature of 165°.  Hold burger patties at 165° until ready to serve.
  3. Warm cheese sauce to manufacturers specifications when ready to build burgers


To Build Burgers:

  1. Open sliced buns and place cooked burger pattie on bottom bun
  2. With a ½ oz. ladle, top the burger pattie with white cheese sauce
  3. With a 4 oz. spoodle (1/2 cup), top the burger patties with the Asian Slaw Mix (use the spoodle with holes to drain off any excess liquid)
  4. Place top bun over the slaw and server


Chef’s Note: For a new menu option featuring Asian flavors, swap out the grain and protein for something else your students will love, such as rice, or noodles and change the protein to chicken tenders, sliced beef or even or even a pork item.  You can even swap out the teriyaki for other on trend Asian flavors such as Sriracha or Gochujang.   

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