Thai Steak Pizza

Thai seasoned sliced steak atop a hand stretched dough with pickled carrot & vegetable slaw, red onions, cilantro, fire roasted red peppers then drizzled with a hoisin BBQ and sriracha sauce

Thai Steak Pizza





6 oz.

Shaved Steak cooked/seasoned

1 ea.

14” pizza crust

2 oz.

Roasted red pepper strips

1 –2 oz.

Jalapeno peppers, fresh, sliced thinly

2 oz.

Red Onions, sliced

3 oz.

Carrot Slaw

To taste (optional)

Sriracha sauce

1 Tsp

Cilantro leaves, pulled

4 oz.

Hoisin BBQ sauce


Chili flakes

4-5 oz.

Mozzarella cheese, off the block shreds

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  1. Add sliced jalapenos, matchstick carrots, julienne red onions in mixing bowl and cover with boiling white wine vinegar, set aside to allow pickling effect.

  2. Place hand stretched dough on pizza screen, spread hoisin BBQ sauce in circular motion just to tip of crust and lightly sprinkle chili flakes.

  3. Top crust and sauce with mozzarella cheese and reserved pickled slaw, bake in fire hot oven.

  4. Garnish cooked pizza with Sriracha sauce and pulled cilantro leaves.


CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES: Instead of pizza, roll into pinwheels, or create calzone/Stromboli or a smaller flatbread