Teriyaki Beef With Fried Rice

Delicious wok seared pineapple fried rice including crunchy water chestnuts, peppers, onions and carrots. Topped with a hoisin-sesame steak and served with a sweet chili sauce

Teriyaki Beef With Fried Rice





4 oz.

Shaved Steak – seasoned Asian-inspired with hoisin-sesame sauce

5 oz.

Beef Fried Rice, cooked/prepared

1 oz.

Red peppers, medium dice

1 oz.

Red onion, small dice

1 to 2 oz.

Pineapple, fresh, grilled, medium dice (Canned is a good option)

Based on desired heat

Red Chili peppers (Thai chilis or red jalapenos), sliced thinly, half-moons

1 oz.

Carrots, small diced

1 oz.

Water chestnut, chopped

1 ½ Tbsp.

Scallion, curls

2 oz.

Soybean Oil

2 oz. Garnish

Sweet Chili Sauce

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  1. In a hot wok or large sauté pan, place the soybean oil and coat the bottom of the hot pan. Add in the carrots, onions, red peppers, and pineapple.  Cook for 3 mins or until all ingredients are warmed through and a light sauté in color on the onions is starting.  Add in the rice and using a folding motion, fold in the cooked rice, not overworking it.

  2. Place in a large bowl or container.  Top with hot, sauced shaved steak.

  3. Garnish with scallion curls


CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES:  a light drizzle of a toasted sesame mayo, sriracha mayo or a fried egg are outstanding additions to the dish.