Chicken and Sausage Diablo

Roasted chicken thighs and bold andouille sausage smothered in a Calabrian chili fra diavolo. Served over grilled scallion polenta cakes.

Chicken and Sausage Diablo




Fria diavolo Sauce

1 tbsp

Calabrian chili (pureed)

1 C

Pomodoro sauce

Scallion Polenta Cakes

¾ C

Polenta (cooked)

¼ C

Scallions (thin sliced)

¼ C

Grated parmesan

To taste

Salt and pepper

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Fria diavolo Sauce

  • Heat pomodoro sauce to a boil and add your pureed peppers and stir.
  • Let simmer for 3 minutes and serve.

Scallion Polenta

  • Add parmesan and cut scallion to polenta directly after cooking.
  • Spread evenly on a nonstick sheet pan to cool.
  • After cooling process, cut into triangles, circles or squares, then use char grill for marks and final flavor.
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