What is a Ghost Kitchen?What is a Ghost Kitchen?

An off-premise restaurant (no dine-in availability) where consumer orders are typically received digitally and consumers receive their food via delivery, or in some cases, from a pickup window.

chefs sitting at a table Why Ghost Kitchens?

  • There has been a shift toward more off-premise dining, especially through delivery platforms. In addition, the Ghost Kitchen model offers more flexibility through lower overhead and labor costs. Although third-party delivery fees do need to be considered in this model.

  • Ghost Kitchens can also pivot and make changes more quickly than traditional brick-and-mortar locations including testing new concepts, flavors, and changing up LTOs.

  • And while consumers don’t know a lot about Ghost Kitchens or Virtual Brands, they are most interested in Virtual Brands from Independent Restaurants.

70% of operators polled have experience with Ghost Kitchens
69% of operators are currently using and planning on using Ghost Kitchens more
50% of current Ghost Kitchen operators estimate average unit level profit margin at 20% or more

Source: Technomic, Ghost Kitchens & Virtual Brands, 2021

Reasons operators have opened a Ghost Kitchen

  • Test/experiment new concepts

  • Respond to delivery trends

  • Grow footprint

  • Make units more affordable

Explore our offerings by Menu Part

Keeping the menu concise is critical. Entrée items like Pizza, Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches, Tacos/Burritos, and Chicken Wings top the list for consumers. If you are seeking new products or categories for a Ghost Kitchen, Tyson Foodservice can help you optimize products for your brands.