Tyson K-12 Commodity Calculators

The Tyson K-12 Commodity Calculator is a tool to help you maximize your commodity dollars.


How To Guide:

  • Identify the file applicable to the school year you’re planning for, click to open that file.
  • Select a tab based on the commodity for which you are planning
  • Enter your diversions in the top right corner
  • Identify the products you are interested in serving
  • Choose one of two ways to calculate: number of cases or ADP and menu frequency  
    • Helpful Tip – Look for the yellow fields to identify where you’ll need to populate information  
  • Repeat as needed for each commodity/product
  • For additional assistance, enter Recipient Agency information and share with your Tyson or Waypoint K-12 Sales Representative
School Year 20/21 Calculator
School Year 21/22 Calculator