Breakfast & Breakfast Buffet

Consumers are looking for great tasting and filling foods for breakfast, and only Tyson Food Service has the breadth of products to help you meet those demands. From the #1 brand in breakfast food service with Jimmy Dean® Sausage to Lady Aster® Crepes & Omelets - our entrees and components act not only as a great foundation for any breakfast, but are versatile enough to make a great breakfast, lunch or dinner at your operation.

Jimmy Dean® All Natural Lower Sodium Pork Patties & Links

More and more patrons are demanding wholesome foods made with natural ingredients. With that in mind, Jimmy Dean® Breakfast Sausage now includes All Natural* options including lower sodium selections and our chicken breakfast sausage with less fat than pork.


*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.

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Jimmy Dean® Bacon

Consistency is another key factor in the foodservice industry and Jimmy Dean® Bacon delivers that right out of the pack. The customer favorite carries a rich history of crafting the highest quality products in its categories. Jimmy Dean® Bacon lives up to all the great characteristics that operators and consumers love. Whether you’re serving bacon as a breakfast side, on sandwiches, salads or a salty sweet addition in desserts, it must be flavorful and consistent. So it has to be Jimmy Dean® Bacon.

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Mexican Original® Wraps and Tortillas

Mexican Original® wraps maintain a focus on quality, functionality and flavor to boost your bottom line. Our traditional cooking process uses the finest ingredients resulting in distinct, intense flavors. But more than a superior product with exceptional taste and texture is the reliance you have for our consistent quality, supply and national distribution network, including delivery you can count on when you need it. It’s old-world flavor meeting new-world supply chain.

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