Banquets & Catering

The Banquet and Catering service area is critical to the success of hotel food and beverage programs, representing +40% of total hotel food and beverage revenue. This area is one that straddles all dayparts, with events happening from early in the morning to dinners and late-night receptions, which means you need a versatile product portfolio to meet your customer event needs.

Sous Vide and Precision Cooked Chicken

Sous Vide and Precision Cooked

As you work to compete in today’s environment, we understand that there are several factors you have to consider when trying to differentiate yourself from your competition. One component we’ve seen really set some operations apart is offering a unique experience and versatile food and beverage options. We’re happy to offer a portfolio of products that can help you capitalize on this audience and deliver an experience that, not only satisfies the host’s needs, but meets your operational needs as well.

Authentically Crafted meatballs and sausage

Authentically Crafted™ Exceptional Meats

Authentically Crafted™ Exceptional Meats offer real, quality meat textures and hand crafted back of house appearance with varied piece sizes.  The size and flavor profile provide the operator versatility in usage across the menu and day parts, allowing one product to fit the needs of many menu applications.  In addition, these products are All Natural* with no artificial ingredients or preservatives to ensure the operator knows they are quality products.

Steak-EZE sliced steak sandwich and sliced steak bowl

Steak-Eze® Sliced Steak

Steak-Eze® is a versatile protein option for breakfast, lunch or dinner that can be used to create a wide assortment of appetizers and entrées with multiple menu applications. Great tasting and easy to prep, Steak-Eze® products are the perfect solution for multiple menu applications across all dayparts.

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