Our Commitment: Sustainability

At Tyson Foods, our commitment as stewards of animal well-being is at the forefront of everything we do to ensure that the needs of our animals are met, while providing our customers and consumers the quality food they expect and deserve. 

We’ve implemented the largest third-party remote video auditing (RVA) of live bird handling at all of our U.S. chicken processing plants and we're introducing a pilot project for controlled atmosphere stunning (CAS) at two of our poultry facilities. 

After extensive research, we recognized the benefits of CO2 stunning systems in pork processing and are diligently working to implement these systems in our fresh pork plants. 

In October 2012, we launched our FarmCheck® program. Through this program, third-party auditors check for such things as animal access to food and water, as well as proper human-animal interaction and worker training at the livestock and poultry farms that supply us. With guidance from our FarmCheck® program’s Animal Well-Being Advisory Panel, we seek to find better ways to responsibly care for animals raised for food through scientific study. 

For more information about Tyson’s relationship with independent farms and our commitment to animal well-being please visit: