Grab & Go Foods For the Healthcare Operators

Snack-sized meal portions have become commonplace - healthful snacks such as superfood salads and açai bowls, portable snack fare such as handheld breakfast, lunch and dinner sandwiches along with sliders topped with innovative ingredients are just a few of the options patrons have come to expect from foodservice operations.

As people continue to move to more of a 24/7 lifestyle, the demand is increasing for convenient food options at more times of the day- without sacrificing taste or variety! Also, we know the non-traditional hours and fast paced environment of hospitals often give staff and visitors little time to sit down and enjoy a meal. This leaves them looking for more breakfast, lunch and late-night items that they can eat on-the-go. What are options that you can have while still keeping labor limitations in mind? 

44% of people say their definition of a snack has evolved - today's consumers have a broader definition
29% of consumers consider single serve packaging as a major factor when choosing snacking options

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