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Where can I find allergen information on Tyson Food Service products?

  • Allergen information for products can be found in the ingredients statements.  Ingredients statements are displayed for each product on  Visit the Products section to find information on specific items.


I currently buy Tyson Food Service products through a distributor, but they don’t carry all of your products. Where can I get them?

  • If there is a Tyson Food Service item you would like to purchase that isn't stocked at your primary distributor, please contact your local Tyson Food Service Sales Representative for help.  They will do everything possible to help you locate the item in your market.  To locate the Sales Rep for your area, please..........


Is my Tyson Food Service product gluten free?

  • Please call our Tyson Food Service Concierge at (800) 248-9766 or ........ to inquire about gluten content in a specific Tyson Food Service product.


I love your products! Are they available in my grocery store?

  • Nothing makes us happier than hearing customers say they love our products!  While there is some crossover, not all Tyson Food Service products are available in retail stores.  Please contact Tyson Consumer Information Services at (800) 233-6332 for inquiries about whether specific products are available in your retail location.


Are there any Tyson Food Service products which are Kosher?

  • Tyson Food Service produces several products categorized as Kosher or Kosher Parve under the Lady Aster and Mexican Original brands; items such as crepes, blintzes, omelets, and tortillas.  Please contact our Tyson Food Service Concierge at (800) 248-9766 or to request a Kosher certificate.


Do you provide merchandising materials?

  • Yes, we have merchandising materials you may download for free to support your front-of-house marketing efforts.  These can be found in the Resources & Insights/Merchandising Materials section of this site.  You may also contact your local Tyson Food Service Sales Representative to find out if other merchandising materials are available for your Tyson Food Service products.


How do I obtain the ingredients and nutritionals for a specific product?

  • Visit the Products section of to locate nutritionals and ingredients for a product.


I am a foodservice operator and would like to do business with Tyson Food Service. What is the process?

  • Please contact your local Tyson Food Service Sales Representative for help. To locate your Tyson Food Service Sales Rep please click ......


Do Tyson chicken products qualify as zero grams trans fat?

  • Yes, all Tyson chicken products meet USDA criteria for zero grams trans fat.  Please check the nutritional panels to confirm trans fat levels for beef and other products.

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