Ghost Kitchens

Ghost Kitchens and Virtual Brands continue to grow and allow operators to try new menu offerings, typically through a very focused menu, with delivery-friendly food. Some are operated by big brands who are integrating virtual brands into existing locations to test different concept ideas and capitalize on delivery. Some independent restaurants are serving different cuisine out of their existing units but under a new brand name. Others are operated by companies that focus on helping restaurant owners navigate a delivery-only space. 

What is a Ghost Kitchen?

An off-premise restaurant (no dine-in availability) where consumer orders are typically received digitally and consumers receive their food via delivery, or in some cases, from a pickup window. 

Why Ghost Kitchens?

There has been a shift toward more off-premise dining, especially through delivery platforms. In addition, the Ghost Kitchen model offers more flexibility through lower overhead and labor costs. Although third-party delivery fees do need to be considered in this model.

Ghost Kitchens can also pivot and make changes more quickly than traditional brick-and-mortar locations including testing new concepts, flavors, and changing gup LTOs.

And while consumers don’t know a lot about Ghost Kitchens or Virtual Brands, they are most interested in Virtual Brands from Independent Restaurants. 

Technomic, Ghost Kitchens & Virtual Brands, 2021

Reasons operators have opened a Ghost Kitchen 

Test/experiment new concepts

Respond to delivery trends

Grow footprint

Make units more affordable 

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