Ways to Show Support for Frontline Workers

ways to show support for frontline workers


Give them a shoutout
Give nurses, doctors and janitorial staff a shout out on social media. Let them know that we appreciate them and are so grateful for their work in this time of crisis.
 Donate supplies
 Donate any supplies you have. Many people are making face masks or donating hand sanitizer.
 Every little bit helps.
pizza box
buy them lunch
Offer to cover or donate takeout or delivery meals to healthcare workers from your favorite restaurant. Not only will you support your local restaurants, but you’ll also make someone’s lunch break special.
cell phone
Call ahead
Call ahead before going to the doctor’s office or stay home. You can help minimize the spread of the virus by staying  home or researching symptoms ahead of time.
Parking sign
pay for their parking
In the age of paying it forward, now is the perfect time to show your appreciation of the healthcare industry by just covering their parking fees.
For additional tips and support, visit tysonfoodservice.com/covid-19, email us at CustomerRelations@tyson.com or call 1-800-261-4754.