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Explore Tyson Red Label® Breaded and Grilled Chicken Breast Filets

Whether you’re looking to make your mark with a signature chicken sandwich, or you need a quick and easy way to top a salad, these chicken filet options have you covered. Deliciously.

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Drive sales all day long


The love patrons have for a classic breaded chicken sandwich shows no signs of slowing down—at any time of day. The fact is, breaded chicken sandwiches are seeing increases across all dayparts and ages.1



The foundation of craveable flavors

Whether they’re between a bun, in a bowl or on a waffle, Tyson Red Label® Grilled and Breaded Chicken Breast Filets make it easy for you to create enticing new dishes.

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So many signature flavors. Delicious, char-grilled chicken filet with slices of flamed saganaki cheese, red onions, frisée lettuce, caper-lemon aioli, peppadew and pepperoncini relish, all on a grilled and buttered brioche bun.

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Tap into one of today’s hottest flavor trends. White rice topped with stir-fried vegetables, shredded cabbage, radishes and crispy Hot ‘N Spicy sliced chicken, all drizzled with a sweet and tangy Korean-style BBQ sauce. 

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Savory, sweet chicken breast on a Belgian waffle with Buffalo Maple syrup, served with a side of grilled peaches. An instant classic on your menu.


Explore the menu possibilities


Looking for more ideas? Download our menu inspiration guide to see how you can expand your possibilities with chicken breast filets.


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Tyson Red Label® products offer the kind of fast and easy prep that can help ease your labor issues and help boost your bottom line. And you can be confident that each offering is as delicious as it is convenient.


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