Savings up to $500 on Tyson Red Label Products



  • Versatile prep options (oven or fryer) 
  • Variety of breading profiles 
  • Made from chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever and has No MSG 
  • Jumbo-sized bone-in wing offerings



  • Finish with the method that best suits your operation to deliver outstanding flavor and appearance
  • Tastes great as is - or you can toss the wings in your own signature sauce to customize
  • Deliver product attributes that are important to you and your patrons 
  • Provide patron-preferred wings that are meatier and juicier 

All with the goodness of Tyson Red Label® products

We created the Tyson Red Label® product line to give you an easier, more efficient way to source the most popular forms and flavors of chicken. Now there's even more goodness than before with the addition of our new wing offerings. 

  • Made from chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever
  • Fully cooked for ease of prep, speed to plate, and reduced safety risks
  • Consistent product quality from one order to the next 
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45% of consumers purchase wings at restaurants and foodservice outlets
Bone-in remains the preferred choice for wing eaters, accounting for 60% of the wings being served at restaurants
The average American eats 290 chicken wings each year

Make 'em however you'd like

Tyson Red Label® wings can be quickly and efficiently prepared using multiple cooking platforms. 

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