6 Ways to Increase Sales with Take-out

6 Ways to Increase Sales with Take-out during COVID-19 Coronavirus for restaurants

Online Ordering Icon     Offer Online Ordering

This allows your kitchen and staff to complete more orders in less time.


Social Media Icon Phone     Post About Your Take-Out Services on Social Media with a Link to Order

Social media helps increase awareness of your business and drive restaurant sales.


Menu Icon     Construct Your Restaurant Menu Carefully

Your menu should include all food choices that can be transported safely and easily. Check with your food supplier/distributor for ideas on how to create customized menu solutions specific to take-out.


Customer Service Icon     Make Sure Your Staff is Paying Attention to Take-Out Details and Accuracy

Check for accuracy during and after order production to ensure the food is what the customer wanted. Verify that every item the customer expects is present and, whenever possible, go over the order with the customer at the point of pick-up.


Pickup Icon     Set Up a Take-Out and/or Curbside Pickup Area

Consider having a separate counter or parking area for take-out customers. If there’s not enough space for a separate area, you might use the end of the bar.


Food Container Icon   Emphasize Your Food Safety Process for Customers

Make sure that your staff is following proper food safety guidelines when assembling orders for pick-up or delivery. Also, ensure you’re using containers that will keep food warm and presentable.



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