Thai Basil Beef Tostones Recipe

This garlicky, peppery, Asian delight is made with tender, juicy Steak-EZE® Redi Steak® Fully Cooked Philly Style Beef Sliced Steak marinated in a savory-sweet Thai beef sauce that is ladled over crispy, flavorful, fried plantains (tostones) and topped with fresh herbs.

Thai Basil Beef Tostones Recipe



10 servings

Thai Basil Beef Tostones

5 cups

Tostones (plantains) prepared

10 oz.

"Thai Beef Sauce”

20 oz.

Flame-Roasted Unseasoned Peppers & Onions, Frozen, Thawed

10 oz.

Basil, fresh

5 oz.

Cilantro, fresh (*optional)

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  1. Thai Beef Sauce – mix all ingredients in an 8 qt Cambro or equal size container. Wisk to bring together. (*use an immersion blender for better emulsification)
  2. Thai Basil Beef - From a thawed state, remove from pouch and arrange in a single layer in a 2-inch hotel pan. Break up any large pieces.
  3. Add peppers and onions. Toss with sauce and then cover with foil.
  4. In a heated convection oven cook at 350°F for 20-22 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 145°F and drain off excess fat after cooking.  Hold hot for hot service.
  5. Tostones – heat according to manufacturer's instructions. Hold hot for hot service


To Build Tostones:

       *Chef’s note, garnish each hotel pan of beef with fresh herbs as you bring it to the line, or serve fresh herbs in plastic souffle cup for quicker service.

  1. Place 4 oz. Tostones (plantains) of bottom of plate.
  2. Using a #6 scoop, serve 5 oz. of the Thai Basil Beef over the top.
  3. Garnish with additional fresh herbs if desired.
  4. Serve hot.