• Consumer-friendly, favorite breakfast ingredient with the quality you expect from the Jimmy Dean® brand
  • Pre-printed, grease-resistant sleeves in every case featuring the Jimmy Dean® brand
  • Perfectly portioned for any appetite at 3.75 oz.
  • Optimized for heating via convection oven, impinger oven, deep fryer, and TurboChef® EncoreTM



  • Flavors fit an all-day platform for grab-and-go that satisfy consumers any time
  • Ensures 4-hour hold in warmer, is eye-catching to the consumer, and allows for easier storage and handling
  • Large enough to be a full breakfast meal or snack
  • Flexible preparation methods to fit your operation
Jimmy Dean Stuffed Hash Browns Tyson Foodservice

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Jimmy Dean is the number 1 brand of breakfast sausage and frozen sandwiches
72% of consumers said they would eat stuffed hash browns on their car
83% of consumers are more likely to try the product because of the brand.  Jimmy Dean Insight