All Natural. Low Sodium. All the Flavor.

3 sausage patties and an omlette

As part of our continuing efforts to provide healthful food options to meet consumers’ and our customers’ needs, we’re focused on ways to limit the use of sodium in our products without significantly affecting flavor or compromising food safety. For example, we currently have over 400 low sodium and reduced sodium products in our foodservice portfolio.

Nearly five times as many consumers want their healthcare food to taste good as want it to be nutritious. With products like Tyson® Lower Sodium Chicken Filets & Tenders, we’ve kept all the flavor, while meeting sodium and protein dietary requirements for healthcare settings.

With that in mind, Jimmy Dean® Breakfast Sausage now includes All Natural* options including lower sodium selections and our chicken breakfast sausage with less fat. Enjoy the same signature flavor, legendary quality and quick prep that has made Jimmy Dean® Breakfast Sausage #1 in Foodservice, now in feel-good choices for your Healthcare operation. 

Try it today and discover how lower sodium can be so good for your patrons.

*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.