Solutions for the "New Normal"

loaded mac and cheese bites from tyson on a plate

As operators and staff are adopting their new normal, they need solutions to the inefficiencies that have followed. Restaurant operators are known to be resilient and agile in the face of adversity – this has been especially true in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the country begins to reopen, operators are carefully identifying and addressing inefficiencies in response to new regulations while working to build customer confidence in dining out again.


Operators are now being asked to go above and beyond their normal food safety procedures, including purchasing and having staff wear additional protective gear, constant cleaning of all surfaces, more extensive food packaging and more – all while adjusting to fewer staff members per shift due to social distancing and capacity requirements.


Confidence in Food Safety

Though new safety measures add additional steps for restaurant teams, customers appreciate the extra measures being taken now more than ever – 43 percent of customers said they would want to know that restaurants have fewer staff in the kitchen to improve food safety1.


Operators are understanding of new and heightened concerns around food safety, including:

  • 62 percent of consumers believe that cooking food kills coronavirus and agree that it cannot be contracted through food that has been thoroughly cooked.2
  • 41 percent of customers ordering from restaurants are most worried about how their food was prepared.3


Many operators agree that a food safety issue could put their business at even greater risk moving forward. With that, operators must instill customer confidence in their food safety and food preparation measures. Afterall, the heartbeat of any restaurant is their customers.


Ingredient Flexibility

Did you know: 43 percent of operators narrowing down or limiting their menus choices, so ingredient efficiencies and flexibility are crucial. 4


Operators are narrowing down their menus to focus on options which can be easily replicated for consistency and prepared quickly. This not only helps add ingredient flexibility into their overall product inventory but can also help minimize costs. Ingredients that come frozen and fully cooked can help mitigate food safety concerns while providing multiple back-of-house efficiencies – simply heat and plate.


Tyson® Loaded Chicken Bites check the box for what operators are needing right now. This product comes fully cooked to help decrease food safety risks and frozen for great shelf life. 


Tyson® Loaded Chicken Bites have multiple prep methods for BOH flexibility, and comes in three delicious, on-trend flavors: Cheddar Bacon Ranch, Parmesan, and Mac and Cheese. They’re a perfect addition to inventory that will help operators take some pressure off back-of-house teams while keeping satisfied and confident customers!


Click here to learn more about Tyson® Loaded Chicken Bites or contact your Tyson Foodservice Representative, Broker, Distributor Sales Representative.


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