Save on Labor Costs with Speed Scratch

Lower labor costs and raise staff satisfaction.
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YOUR TEAM is your most valuable asset. It’s paramount to the success of your operation. But hiring additional staff means a higher payroll. And keeping talented people engaged and motivated is not easy. In addition to it becoming harder and harder to find

labor, that available labor is often less skilled which requires operational changes or increased training, which only adds to costs.


"48% of operators said they see increased labor costs having the most negative impact on profits in the next 5 years."

—Technomic Operator Survey, December 2016


We understand this can be especially difficult when it comes to executing the extensive menus and high throughput needed for most banquet departments. After all, this can require a specific toolset of potential employees.


"25% of operators in foodservice have implemented purchasing more speed scratch/ value-added products to manage labor costs."

—-Technomic Operator Survey, December 2016


But what if you could make it possible for the people you have to do more of what they do best? That’s exactly why more and

more lodging operations use speed scratch products. They are the same quality proteins you use every day at every meal— cooked, sliced and recipe ready.


Speed scratch proteins save prep time by freeing up your talented staff to add value to your menu and your kitchen. Your Tyson Lodging Team understands. Our flexible protein selections allow you to create new features across your menu with lead entrées or to add a simple inspired ingredient for flatbreads, soups, and inventive appetizers.


With speed scratch, everybody wins. You hold down payroll and hiring costs. Your team gets to develop their talents. And your guests get a more varied menu. Sounds like a recipe for success.


key challenges for operators: labor, efficiency, traffic, safety


various protein products




No fancy equipment needed for sous vide products