Boneless Wings

Add some zing to your menu and appeal to customers' love for boneless wings with this fun and flavorful collection. From fiery hot Caribbean to sticky-sweet Asian, these are recipes that are sure to please

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Boneless Breaded Wings with Coconut Mango Sauce

Tropical wing appetizer features a shareable portion of crunchy boneless breaded wings lightly tossed with honey ginger teriyaki glaze, served with a tropical tangy-sweet mango coconut dipping sauce.


Moroccan Spice BBQ Boneless Chicken Wings

North Africa/Mediterranean-inspired wing appetizer for sharing features a generous portion of crunchy all-white meat boneless wings tossed lightly in a fiery harissa-spice barbecue sauce served with olive oil-grilled flatbread and cumin ranch sau...


Samba Wings with Habanero Citrus Glaze

Golden spicy Fire Stingers® breaded boneless wings for sharing lightly tossed in a fiery sweet-hot Caribbean citrus sauce; served with a side of chili lime crema for indulgent dipping, garnished with fresh cut lime.


Sesame Chile Orange Chicken Combo

(Bundled appetizer and entrée combo meal starts with an economical Asian themed appetizer, such as pot stickers, egg roll or wontons, served with Asian dipping sauces.) Entrée features golden crispy all-white meat boneless breaded ...


Taste of Asia Boneless Crispy Wings Sampler

Appetizer sampler features a generous portion of golden crispy boneless breaded wings served with a trio of three Asian-style sauces; boneless wings lightly tossed in Thai peanut sauce, boneless wings lighlty tossed in sesame-bourbon hoisin sauce...