Beef Fajita Lettuce Wraps

Tender beef topped with a blend of yellow and red pepper, and grilled onions strips. Served with a garden fresh pico and delicious serrano-lime guacamole



6 ea.Butterleaf lettuce cup
6 oz.Shaved Steak, cooked and seasoned 
2Yellow & Red Bell Peppers, sliced thin and grilled or sauteed
2White Onions, grilled or sauteed 
3 oz.Pico de Gallo
3 oz.Serrano- lime guacamole 
  1. Place cooked steak and peppers & onions on top of a lettuce cup

  2. Garnish on a fajita skillet with freshly made pico de gallo and serrano-lime guacamole  


CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES: Can be served open concept or closed