All the Wood Fire Taste. None of the Trouble.

Tyson Red Label® NAE, Fully Cooked Wood Fire Seasoned Ingredient Chicken makes it easy for you to offer wood fire flavor anywhere on your menu without any of the back-of-house complexity or prep time. Deliver the consistent quality and performance of the Tyson Red Label® product line in two versatile forms, strips and diced, for an experience that will set your menu apart. 
  • On trend flavor
  • Menu versatility
  • High-quality, whole-muscle grilled chicken with No Antibiotics Ever
  • Consistent moisture retention
  • Improved pizza coverage
  • Fully cooked
  • Allows you to offer the broad appeal of wood fire flavor that patrons love without expensive equipment or added labor
  • Comes in two versatile forms, strips and diced, so that wood fire flavor can be a staple across vour menu
  • Provides an authentic BOH grilled appearance and enables you to serve quality chicken across your menu
  • Retains its moisture to deliver a juicy, flavorful experience every time - even with direct, high heat
  • Strip slice thickness optimized for greater pizza coverage or reduced total pizza cost compared to traditional grilled strips (3/8" vs. 1/2")
  • Delivers back-of-house efficiencies, greater speed to plate, and reduces food safety risks
  • Wood fired flavor has a menu growth rate of +15% in the next year, and +58% growth expectancy in the next 4 years*

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Culinary Demo

Use Tyson Red Label® NAE, Fully Cooked Wood Fire Seasoned Ingredient Chicken as an irresistible ingredient in sandwiches, tacos, wraps and more; or use it to give your pizzas that signature wood fire seasoned flavor consumers love. 

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