Introducing Tyson® Precision Cooked Chicken  

Tyson® Precision Cooked Chicken utilizes the French Sous Vide style of cooking allowing each product to cook in its own juices. This gives each piece an incredibly high-end, tender result every time with a neutral flavor for the ultimate versatility across your menu. And, because they’re fully cooked, there’s less food safety risk, less labor, less time and less for you to worry about with no additional equipment needed.

Tyson® Precision Cooked Chicken  

Precision Cooked™ All Natural* Chicken-Portioned Breast

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·       Cooked low & slow in its own juices for extreme tenderness
·       Usually requires specialized equipment, but Tyson Foodservice has done
        the work so you don’t have to
·       No specialized training needed, can be seamlessly prepared with current
        skill levels
        NAE-No Antibiotics Ever
        *Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients 
·       Neutral, versatile flavor
·       Utilizes the French Sous Vide style of cooking
·       Chicken is All Natural*, with No Antibiotics Ever, and farm-raised in the USA
·       Fully cooked with no additional equipment needed
·       Gives you the flexibility to add your own signature flavor for maximum versatility
·       Provides you and your customers with consistently tender chicken and elevated performance with no
         additional training or equipment
·       Allows you to serve customers the delicious products they love with the qualities they demand
·       Speeds up and eases preparation and reduces food safety concerns