No Antibiotics Ever  

At Tyson Foods, we believe that nothing should prevent you from offering everything that’s important to your patrons. That’s why you can feel good about serving our Tyson®, Tyson True® Tenderpressed®, and Tyson Red Label® chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever—and patrons can feel great about enjoying it. Our No Antibiotics Ever promise is just one more example of our commitment to continuous improvement.  

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Tyson® Precision Cooked™ All Natural* Sous Vide Style Portioned Chicken Breast 

Tyson Red Label® All Natural* Select Cut Golden Crispy Crumb Coated Tenders 

 Tyson Red Label® NAE Select Cut         Golden Crispy Dark Meat Filets           

Three Tyson® Platforms Serving Up Your NAE Product Needs

With three Tyson® platforms of No Antibiotics Ever products, we offer solutions for across your menu. We have you covered with nearly 100 fully cooked and ready to cook Tyson®, Tyson True® Tenderpressed®, and Tyson Red Label® products to help you find the best NAE options for your operation. Download our full NAE product brochure below to see more information on our range of NAE products across our three brands.  

Learn More About Tyson Foods’ Commitment to Food Sustainability

Everything we do at Tyson Foods starts with our purpose—to raise the world’s expectations for how much good food can do. We don’t just try to meet expectations; we try to exceed them, every day, and then consistently challenge ourselves to improve even more. We want to make a difference in the environment, in our workplace and the communities in which we operate, as well as making a difference in animal welfare—and we want to make this difference while we sustainably feed the world, together.