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AdvancePierre™ Pulled Pork, 2.35 oz.

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  • One 2.35 oz.Fully Cooked Shredded Pork serving provides 2.00 oz. equivalent meat/meat alternate for Child Nutrition Meal Pattern Requirements.
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Serve on salads, on pizza, or use as an ingredient meat in many menu applications.


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Convection Oven: From Thawed State:Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Place 3 pouches in hotel panand fill pan 3/4 full with water. Heat for 70-80 minutes inoven. Instructions based on 3 pouches so times may vary depending on load.


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To inquire if a signed copy of the product formulation statement or Child Nutrition statement is available for this item, please contact the Tyson Foodservice Customer Relations Team at 1-800-248-9766. Or email


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Conveniently packaged in 4 pound bags. No sauce to allow for customization at consumption. Flexibility as sandwich component or entree ingredient. Cooked with steam to keep product moist.

Salsify Product 1652478225
Salsify Product 1652478225
Salsify Product 1652478225