Philly Freedom® Traditional Beef Flat Steak Slices offer thinly sliced, easy-to-handle beef for a tender, juicy bite in sandwich applications and more. Individually portioned in double waxed paper to help you reduce waste and labor costs, this flavorful product is sure to enhance quality, consistency and convenience on your menu.

About this item -

  • Individually wrapped for easy and precise portioning. Use only what you need when you need it.
  • No thawing necessary allows for quick cooking and serving with little prep.
  • From grill to plate in 90 seconds allowing for quick and easy on-the-spot cooking.
  • Pre-portioned to help reduce waste and cut labor costs.
  • Versatile flavor profile enhances endless menu creations allowing you to utilize the same product across multiple applications.
  • Non-marinated for consistent, natural beef flavor and the ability to customize for your menu.

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