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Tyson® NAE All Natural IF Split Breasts w/out back, Large, Grade A, 48 Pieces, 25.5 LBS

Open the door to dozens of quick, delicious chicken selections with Tyson Pride® Uncooked Large Split Chicken Breasts. Our chicken breasts are made with USDA A Grade chicken, resulting in a high-quality protein that's perfect for a variety of appetizers and center-of-plate items. Each piece of our chicken is individually frozen and ice glazed to preserve freshness and prevent freezer burn. Ready to cook from frozen, our chicken breasts reduce time and labor costs with quality you can trust. Brine with chili and lime and serve alongside papas fritas and poblanos for a tasty Mexican entrée. Stored frozen at 0°F, our chicken has a shelf life of 365 days. Includes one case of Uncooked Large Split Chicken Breasts. Tyson Pride® chicken offers consistency and quality in unique forms and on-trend flavors. We offer a diverse selection of crowd favorites to help grow your bottom line. With Tyson Pride® , customers will experience more of the delicious, crispy and saucy flavors they love.


About this item -

  • Bone-in assortment of chicken breasts without a back portion
  • USDA A Grade chicken
  • Individually frozen and ice glazed to preserve freshness
  • Ready to cook from frozen

Ingredients -

USDA A grade chicken split breasts with ribs, without back portion.


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