The Wings You've Been Waiting For

We know how important wings are to your menu. Patrons love them and they often look to operators to wow them with something new. That's why Tyson Red Label® brand offers 4 bone-in and 3 boneless fully cooked wing options that customers will love. When you're ready to do your thing, you can count on us to bring the wing. 

Tyson Red Label® Boneless Wing Flavors

  • Versatile prep options (oven or fryer)
  • Variety of breading profiles
  • Made from chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever and has No MSG
  • Jumbo-sized bone-in wing offerings
  • Finish with the method that best suits your operation to deliver outstanding flavor and appearance
  • Tastes great as is - or you can toss the wings in your own signature sauce to customize
  • Deliver product attributes that are important to you and your patrons
  • Provide patron-preferred wings that are meatier and juicier

Delivering quality and consistency every time.

Delivery orders are more important today than ever. And with                 Tyson Red Label® wings, you can be confident they'll arrive at your patrons' doors just as crispy, juicy and delicious as when they left your kitchen. 

  • Fully cooked for ease of prep, speed to plate and reduced safety risks
  • Tyson Red Label® breaded products have been tested* and proven to hold strong for delivery
  • Made for chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever