A Little Savory. A Little Sweet. And All of the Tyson Red Label® Brand.

With its savory-sweet flavor profile and lighter breading, Tyson Red Label® Sweet Classic Chicken has the crave factor you need to build patron loyalty. And it's delivered with all of the quality, consistency and easy prep you've come to expect from the Tyson Red Label® brand. 

  • Fully cooked and uncooked options
  • Juicy, whole-muscle chicken
  • Seasoned to perfection with a lighter breading and savory/sweet flavor profile
  • Available in Filets, Tenderloins and Breast Nugget Chunks
  • Made from chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever and no MSG
  • Accommodates your back-of-house equipment (oven of fryer) to maximize prep efficiency
  • Enables you to serve quality offerings that are consistently tender and juicy
  • Entices patrons with popular and craveable flavors and keeps them coming back for more
  • Offers versatility for use in many applications across the menu
  • Assures a product that both operators and patrons

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