No matter what kind of kitchen or concept you lead, Steak-EZE® brand makes it easy to boost your menu and your profits. The unrivaled versatility of our sliced beef & chicken products lets you elevate your establishment without reinventing who you are or how you run your business.

Steak being placed on a grill by chef.


Quality ingredients produced from whole-muscle raw materials sourced from local farms—powering profitable additions that can help drive your revenues & margins higher.


Sliced & portioned proteins made for back-ofhouse ease & efficiency, delivering optimized yield with minimal waste. From freezer to plate, bowl, or wrapper in under 4 minutes.


Unlocks Creativity & Opportunity

Steak-EZE® products inspire menu innovation, helping operators elevate their menus across concepts and day-parts—from classic to creative, including ethnic explorations, tempting twists on old standbys, and unexpected pairings that transform ordinary dishes into sublime, protein-rich palate pleasers.


Discover a wide range of easy-to-prepare menu ideas using Steak-EZE® brand beef and chicken products that can elevate your establishment and customer experience.


For quality sliced beef products for the most value-conscious menus, ask about Philly Freedom® marinated flat steak offerings.

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