Save up to $500 on featured products at the Pizza & Pasta Expo.

From pepperoni toppings to sausage crumbles, our lineup of offerings can add delicious flavor to your menu. And, the more products you add, the more you’ll save.

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Featured Menu Inspirations

Smokehouse Pizza

A three-meat pizza with a tasty red sauce topped with mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions, Mesquite pepperoni, bacon pieces and Italian sausage all on a crispy 16” pie crust.





Jalapeño Pizza

Delight customers with this spicy pizza featuring Jalapeño pepperoni, a shredded mozzarella/jack blend, and banana peppers finished with freshly grated parmesan cheese on a crispy 16" pie crust



Bahn Mi Flatbread

What’s not to love with roasted sesame mayo paired with tender pork belly, topped with a crunchy Asian infused slaw including pickled carrot, red cabbage, shredded mozzarella cheese and drizzled with a sriracha ranch on a 6x13 flatbread





Chicken & Waffle Flatbread

Everyone will love this sweet and savory 6x13 flatbread with cinnamon and brown sugar cream cheese, shredded mozzarella with golden tenders and chopped waffles with a sweet honey drizzled over it all.  





Southwestern Steak Wrap

A southwest inspired Philly cheesesteak-inspired tortilla wrap with sautéed bell peppers and onions paired with banana peppers and mixed with sliced Philly steak all covered with provolone cheese and served on a warm flour tortilla.


WOW — Original Philly® WOW Uncooked Seasoned Beef Sandwich Slices



Nashville Hot Boneless Wing

Keep on-the-go customers coming back for more with crisp Nashville Hot Chicken Bites tossed in an irresistible sauce and skewered with an artisan pickle slice.



Taste all of this and more at booth #425. Be sure to stop by and find out how you can take your menu to the next level.


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