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Image of Chicken Pancake Tacos

Chicken and Pancake Breakfast Taco

Chicken tender with a maple cream cheese spread in a pancake, formed into a taco, and topped with fresh strawberries and a honey-sriracha aioli. 


Featured Product:
10383400928 Tyson Red Label® NAE,Uncooked Homestyle Breaded, Chicken Tenderloins




Mac 'N Cheese Breaded Chicken Sandwich

A juicy homestyle breaded chicken breast filet topped with creamy mac & cheese and bacon crumbles. Served on a soft brioche bun with chips and pickles on the side.


Featured Product:

10383300928 Tyson Red Label® NAE,Uncooked Homestyle Breaded Chicken Breast Filets


Image of Mac n Cheese Breaded Chicken Sandwich



Image of Teriyaki Chicken Bowl.

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

Homestyle boneless wings tossed in a teriyaki sauce and served over cilantro rice with crisp purple cabbage and carrot slaw, and fresh orange slices.


Featured Product:

10383760928 Tyson Red Label® NAE,Uncooked Select Cut* Homestyle Breaded Boneless Chicken Wings




Spicy Korean-Inspired Bánh Mì Sandwich

Crunchy hot and spicy nuggets in a freshly sliced baguette layered with kimchi mayo, cucumber and pickled carrot slaw, sliced jalapeños, shaved purple cabbage and a Korean-style BBQ sauce.


Featured Product:

10000047105 Tyson Red Label® NAE,Uncooked Hot ‘N Spicy Chicken Nuggets


Image of Spicy Korean-Inspired Bahn Mi Sandwich.




Ready to experience the par-fried advantage in your operation?




  • Quick and easy prep
  • Cooks from frozen with no purge
  • Product consistency
  • Versatility
  • 1-year shelf life


  • Reduces labor concerns by enabling you to simply place product in fryer, set timer and cook
  • Eliminates the need to slack out prior to cooking, helping to enhance food safety
  • Instills confidence that the quality will always be there—with the size, shape, texture and taste you expect
  • Expands your menu possibilities across dayparts and applications with a familiar favorite product form
  • Reduces spoilage concerns and helps you control food costs

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*Select cut (Made from Whole Muscle) Mid-Tier Options that is made with whole muscle pieces, delivers a firmer bite with more whole muscle texture. Raw material is typically breast meat but could be tenderloins.