Getting More Out Of Smart Snacks

What is Smart Snacks
The USDA’s “Smart Snacks in Schools” regulations are part of an ongoing effort to improve the diets of students across the country. The guidelines regulate foods and beverages sold outside the school meal programs, on the school campus, at any time during the school day. Starting school year 14/15, all products sold in schools outside of the National School Lunch Program or Breakfast Program must meet specific nutritional criteria based on calories, percent calories from fat, percent calories from saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, and sugar.

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Where Can I Find A List of Smart Snacks Products
We currently have a wide selection of Smart Snacks approved products in our portfolio. We’ve added an icon to our full line site to help you easily identify codes that meet the “Smart Snacks” regulations on their own. 
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How Can Tyson Food Service K-12 Help
We also provide several menu ideas that are easy to implement and help you plan your a la carte menus and stay in “Smart Snacks” compliance, utilizing codes that don’t meet the regulations on their own due to percent calories from fat or saturated fat. Sometimes it’s as simple as just adding a sauce or WG starch!
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