Topics Include:

• Summer & Afterschool Feeding

    • Finding Johnny Promotion Update  

 • Welch's PB&J

        • Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Walking Taco     

  • Homestyle Mega Mini's



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Topics Include:

• 2018-2019 Commodity Season

    • Finding Johnny Promotion Update  

 • Cheeseburger Meatloaf

        • Thai Lemongrass Casserole       

  • Egg & Cheese English Muffin


Topics Include:

• Clearing Up Clean Label 

    • Tyson Packaging  

  • Bosco New Item

            • Spicy Korean BBQ Wrap           

          • Afterschool Feeding Booklet        



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K12 Newsletter September 2016 Button


Topics Include:

• Independent Drawdown

    • The Ultimate Breakfast Croissant Sandwich

  • Bosco Apple Stick

            • Tyson Great Grant Giveaway

          • Increase Your ADP With Marketing & Promotions


Topics Include:

• Make Breakfast A Breeze

            • Delicious Drumsticks

   • The Perfect Pairing

            • Tyson® Chicken Packaging Available

            • Bosco's: Solution To Any Day part

K12 Newsletter September 2016 header

Topics Include:

• New 2016-17 SY Focus Magazine Now Available

       • Spice Up Your Menu With These Inspirational Recipes

        • Whole Grain Barrel Breaded Homestyle Strips

            • Whole Grain Breaded Honey Sriracha Glazed Boneless Wings

    • Start Your Day Off Right With Breakfast




K12 Newsletter September 2016 Button   K12 Newsletter September 2016 Button  K12 Newsletter September 2016 Button
K12 Newsletter November 2016 Header

Topics Include:

• 2017-2018 Commodity Season

            • New Tyson® Chicken Packaging Available

            • The NEW Breakfast Solution           

      • Mexican Original® Shelf Stable WG Tortillas           

      • No Kid Hungry - Supper In The Classroom

March 2016 K12 Newsletter Headline

Topics Include:

• Foods You Love. Brands You Trust.

   • Chef Pierre® Now Available

             • Jimmy Dean® Bright Minds Are Born At Breakfast

            • No Kid Hungry Sharing Our Strength

    • Tyson® Drum Sticks Are Back

• Independent Drawdown


 March 2016 K12 Newsletter

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November 2015 K12 Newsletter Headline

Topics Include:

• More Than 100 Commodity Products

• Doing Our Part

            • Tyson® Wei Cafe™ Products

            • Tyson® All Natural, Low Sodium Chicken Crumble

• State Fair® Mini Corn Dogs

K12 Newsletter September 2015 Header

Topics Include:

• Increase Your ADP!

            • Get More Out of Smart Snacks

            • Sara Lee® Whole Grain Muffins

            • Sara Lee® Whole Grain Croissant

            • Bosco Sticks® Whole Grain 7” Pizza Stick

 • Tyson® Chicken Burger

 November 2015 K12 Newsletter

 K12 Newsletter September 2015 Full

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 K12 Newsletter May 2015 Header

Topics Include:

                       • Bridging the Hunger Gap!             

            • ANC 2015

            • Whistlin Sams® Pies

            • Tyson® Power Upz™ Twin Packed Whole Grain Mini Chicken Sandwiches

 K12 Newsletter March 2015 Header

Topics Include:

• Rise & Shine

            • Get More Out of Your Commodity Dollars

          • Jimmy Dean® Breakfast Sticks

      • Bosco Sticks® Apple Stick

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