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  Chicken Reprocessing Expertise
  Commodities can seem complicated, especially with the new regulations, but with the help of Tyson you can trust us to help you get the most bang for your buck. Tyson is credited with manufacturing some of the first value added chicken products in the food service industry, including the chicken pattie and nugget. This expertise along with our team of K12 professionals allows us to be the leader when it comes to chicken reprocessing.
55/45 Balance
  When diverting poultry commodities from USDA, a 55/45 balance of white meat to dark meat is the goal to get the most value for your money. Tyson makes it easy to achieve that balance by providing all white and all dark meat options in addition to our white/dark classics.
• All White Meat Products
• All Dark Meat Products
  There are other ways Tyson helps you save money beyond the box. With our supply chain efficiencies, we can offer chicken and beef order bundling which results in more cost savings for you. Additionally, products can be delivered on one truck, orders are tracked in one system, storage space and handling costs are decreased and shipments are assured timely delivery.