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Feeding Children Beyond Breakfast and Lunch

Healthy meals provided to students after the final bell rings provide nourishment for their future. It provides security and stability for students and helps working families. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers different nutrition assistance programs that can help afterschool and summer learning providers offer nutritious meals or snacks to participating children.
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The At-Risk Afterschool Meal Program

Afterschool programs can draw children into constructive activities that are safe, fun, and filled with opportunities for learning. Here is information on how you can help feed them.

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Supper In The Classroom

Serve a meal (supper) and/or snack to children as part of a natural extension of the school day, enabling all students to eat and engage in enrichment together in the classroom after the final bell. And we can show you how it makes financial sense for your program!