K-12 Nutrition Insight
K-12 Nutrition Insight
K-12 Nutrition Insight

The term “Clean Label” resonates differently among consumers who want to know where and how their products are made and what ingredients are in them. While all our products used 100% real chicken with no added hormones or steroids, we’re committed to continued innovation to meet consumers’ needs. As Clean Label gains momentum, it’s important that consumers understand it. In Clean Label surveys with operators and consumers, No Artificial Ingredients & No Antibiotics Ever qualifications were among the highest ranked attributes. Consequently, the Tyson Foods K-12 team has transitioned 75+ of our delicious K-12 commodity chicken products to No Artificial Ingredients and the USDA process Verified claim of chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever.


  • 75+ commodity chicken products now meet these claims
  • Offering a wide variety of chicken products with versatile options
  • Extensive sensory testing that ensures the same great flavors & attributes
  • All product code numbers remaining the same
  • No impactful changes to EPDS or Nutritional Panel Values
  • Simplified ingredient statements & easy-to-recognize ingredients
  • Some products also meet 100% All Natural** claim


*Federal Regulations prohibit the use of added hormones or steroids in chicken.

**Minimally processed. No Artificial Ingredients.

1- 2015 Cool School Café Survey