How to Set Up Your Google Business Page

How to Set Up Your Google Business Page Operator
  1. Make sure that you’ve claimed your Google Business page. To begin, search for your restaurant on Google. If any of the results match your business information, check to see if the ARE YOU THE BUSINESS OWNER? link appears. If it does, it means that the business page has not been claimed and you can claim it and manage the page by clicking the link.
  2. If you see your restaurant but you don’t see the ARE YOU THE BUSINESS OWNER? link, then you’ll need to go to click the MANAGE NOW button. Then you can create your Google account. Once you create your account, a map will appear and prompt you to search for your business. You can click the magnifying glass to add your business if it’s not showing up.
  3. Enter the most current and accurate information for your restaurant, then click CONTINUE. You’ll need to verify the information and tell Google that you are authorized to manage this business page and that you agree to their terms and services. Google will send you a verification code for you to verify your information.
  4. google business how to guideIf you already have a business claimed and a Google account set up, sign into your account and go to your
    Google Business Page by going to, clicking on the Google Apps menu next to your photo, and clicking the MY BUSINESS icon. Once there, in the left-hand menu, click on INFO. This is where you can update your restaurant’s information so that customers see your correct phone number, website link, and hours of operation.

    Google business setup how to
  5. If your restaurant is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus, make sure to mark TEMPORARILY CLOSED on your Google Business page, under INFO. Do not select permanently closed, as this can confuse customers.
  6. In the left-hand menu, you’ll also see a MESSAGING tab. Click on MESSAGING to have customers message you directly about any questions they may have.
  7. In this same left-hand menu, you’ll also see a SERVICES tab. This is where you can update your service options to takeout and delivery.





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